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MULTIMEDIA ORCHESTRATION is an instructional guide and video reference to the Instruments of the Orchestra for students of Composition, Instrumentation, and Orchestration. Students can subscribe to each family of instruments separately or all four families (with almost 500 clips) at a reduced price for the best value, see prices and subscription times above. Each instrument is given extensive video demonstrations, explanatory text, and supporting graphics for learning the nuances, articulations, and special effects with numerous repertoire examples.

Contents of Multimedia Orchestration (Numbers of Videos per instrument. Each video is accompanied with textual and graphical explanations):

STRING Violin: 66 videos Viola: 45 videos Cello: 40 videos Doublebass: 31 videos

WOODWINDS Flute: 25 videos Oboe: 27 videos Clarinet: 39 videos Bassoon: 28 videos

BRASS Horn: 30 Videos Trumpet: 26 videos Trombone: 25 videos Tuba: 25 videos

DRUMS & PERCUSSION 50 Videos Harp: 40 videos